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By accident -- or maybe it was fate -- my opinion of the senator from the great state of Idaho, and of his politics, started to change. I heard Frank Church deliver two speeches in two different. The 21 st century attack on privacy by the NSA, FBI and CIA casts the hearings by Senator Frank Church D-Idaho and Otis Pike D-N.Y. during the early 1970s in. On January 27, 1975, Senator Frank Church led a new Senate committee formed to investigate allegations of U.S. government spying on its own citizens. The committee’s report laid the groundwork for today’s controversy over NSA surveillance programs. Back in the post-Watergate era, Church and his.

Forty years ago this spring, in a cramped room on Capitol Hill, Idaho Sen. Frank Church led a group that pored over many of the most highly classified documents of the CIA, NSA and FBI. Since the mid 1970s, the CIA has received more attention for breaking the law than it has for upholding national security. Four events focused unwanted attention to the CIA: the Church committee hearings, the Iran-Contra Affair, the Aldrich Ames scandal, and the end of the Cold War. The Church Committee Hearings. President Ford appointed a Commission on CIA Activities in the United States, headed by Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller. But this was quickly overtaken by the Senate Select Committee to Study Government Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, headed by Senator Frank Church of Idaho. Collection of Church Committee Reports and Hearings; Subcommittee to Investigate Individuals Representing the Interest of Foreign Governments, Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Inquiry Into the Matter of Billy Carter and Libya, S. Rep. No. 96-1015 1980 Report of the Congressional Committees Investigating the Iran-Contra Affair, 1987.

On January 27, 1975, the Senate, in the wake of the Watergate scandal and alarmed by recent allegations of intelligence service misdeeds, voted to establish an 11-member investigating body along. Document 5: Church Committee, Letter from Senator Frank Church to CIA Director William Colby, March 12, 1975. Source: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library, White House Operations, Richard Cheney Files, Intelligence Series, Box 6, Folder, “Congressional Investigations 1.”.

27.06.2013 · Loch K. Johnson was a staffer on the 1975 Church Committee, which found shocking intelligence abuses by the US government. He says it's time for another Congressional inquiry. They also revealed that at least one subject, Frank Olson had died after administration of LSD. Much of what the Church Committee and the Rockefeller Commission learned about MKUltra was contained in a report, prepared by the Inspector General's office in 1963, that.

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