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The Blood of Olympus Chapter 1I, a.

Okay, so this is my first time writing for anyone other than my sister, but I wanted to try it. Plus, I'm so frustrated about the long wait for Blood of Olympus to come out that I wanted to write me own as a way to distract myself. DISCLAIMER: This is a fanfiction using characters from the series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. I do not own anything in this, and I did not write this for monetary benefit, only my own personal enjoyment. 8 century BC: The gods were sitting on Mount Olympus. They had just finished fighting the Giant war, and decided they had earned some. I. Percy. Percy stood at the helm of the Argo II. Besides him, no one else was on the deck. Everyone was worn out after the Necromanteion-or in Percy and Annabeth's case, Tartarus.

The Blood of Olympus - A Percy Jackson Fanfiction Fanfiction. Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Percy Jackson reading list! ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO RICK RIORDAN, AUTHOR OF THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS AND PERCY JACKSON SERIES The countdown to the war has begun. 14 days, is all the demigods have to stop Gaea. Percy, Annabeth, Frank, Hazel, Piper, Jason, and Leo are off to the fight of their lives. To Athens. Where Gaea has already started to rise. Reyna, Nico, and Coach Hedge are escorting the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood. Follow/Fav The Blood of Olympus: A Heroes of Olympus Fanfiction By: foreverskysong Annabeth and Percy are finally out of Tartarus, and Nico, Reyna, and Coach Hedge are on their way to deliver the Athena Parthenos and hopefully stop the two camps from fighting.

Read story The Blood Of Olympus Fanfiction by pleasestopthis2k17 Hello with 2,458 reads. bloodofolympus, frankzhang, percabeth. [As I'm writing this, it's. The Blood of Olympus 58.9K 1.5K 976 [[FANFICTION]] Fourteen days is nowhere near enough time for the crew of the Argo II to journey to Greece, face the giants, and prevent Gaea from waking. Oh well I wanna do one too. Rick Riordan left a lot to the imagination at the end of Blood of Olympus. As a person who likes to see an ending actually written, naturally I came here. Read to see things like Sally Jackson reuniting with her long lost son, Leo and Claypso's journey to get back to Camp Half Blood.

The Blood Of Olympus Fanfiction - Wattpad.

The Blood of Olympus. Chapter One. Percy. Percy had been asleep for only the briefest moment when the alarm bells sounded. His muscles ached, he had lost weight, there were dark circles under his eyes, and there were scars that would not be healed. The Blood of Olympus: Fan Fiction Fanfiction. This is my fan fiction of Rick Riordan's fifth Heroes of Olympus book: The Blood of Olympus. The seven demigods of the prophecy are on their way to Athens, while Nico, Reyna, and Coach Hedge take the Athena Parthenos back to Camp Half-Blood. Browse through and read blood of olympus fanfiction stories and books.

Blood of Olympus FanFic completed Fanfiction. Maybe fourteen days is too short a time to save the world. The demigods of the Argo II are used to challenges, but maybe this is one challenge too many. The crew will have to face their worst fears in order to save the world. --A Blood of Olympus f. Read Chapter I from the story The Blood of Olympus: Fan Fiction by ItsBoringToBeNormal sierra with 4,577 reads.I- Leo Leo's morning was going okay until Gaea. Read Chapter 1: All Aboard! from the story The Blood of Olympus - A Percy Jackson Fanfiction by driftingskies liv with 48,996 reads. frank, percy, leo. Percy. After the events of 'Blood of Olympus' Leo is back and after the X-Event When Cyara Zaleski crashed her car because of a bright light, she & Cross didn't expect to be thrown from the world of Undertale into Percy Jackson's world. She's been chosen for many things-- being.

7/1/2014 c1 1 Sparkling Tide This is very good! Your imagery is excellent and so far you seem to be staying true to each character. They could defeat a couple of monsters, and how about one of the seven is captured and they have to save them! When Camp Half-Blood is contacted by a wizarding world who swore off contact hundreds of years ago, Chiron knows it's an emergency. And so he summons the seven demigods, plus a few more, to help the one place that could've eliminated the entire half-blood race. Hogwarts, and the world of mag. 9/19 c30 11 RandomFanAuthor Not gonna lie, I was shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you, that you didn't update last night. But its okay, even for a semi-evil person. 8/10/2015 c19 2 Wrendsor Noooo this story was so amazing! I didn't feel like it was dragging on - the opposite really. I would even go so far as to say that I enjoyed it more than the actual BoO, even if this one isn't completed.

Browse through and read percy jackson blood of olympus romance fanfiction stories and books. 21.09.2014 · Trailer for Blood of Olympus by JustColor on Wattpad. Story link: /story/8884361-the-blood-of-olympus-fan-fiction Unfortunately the act.

Browse through and read after the blood of olympus romance fanfiction stories and books. 03.11.2014 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue.

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